Monday, October 29, 2007

Past Halloween weather history

I was going through some weather stats yesterday as I was preparing the "Ask Merril" column for the Wichita Eagle. I'm a big geek when it comes to weather stats! I don't know why, I've always liked numbers. Of course, you can come up with any conclusion it seems when working with stats but I digress.

Here are some of the tidbits that you can use at the water cooler today...

Record high in Wichita on Halloween: 85 in 1950
Coolest high: 33 in 1991 (also that year was the snowiest: 1.5"!!)
Record low: 18 in 1993
Warmest low: 63 in 2000
Wettest: 5.79" in 1998 (Halloween floods)
Average high/low: 63/40

Here's how the last 10 years have faired:

Year Hi/Lo Precip

1997 70/40 0
1998 52/46 5.79"
1999 68/52 0
2000 76/63 Trace
2001 74/56 0
2002 39/35 0
2003 50/38 0
2004 64/43 .01"
2005 61/35 .65"
2006 47/31 0

Thanks to the National Weather Service here in Wichita for the stats (via their webpage).

It looks like an average Halloween coming up. As I write this, our forecast high for Wednesday is 63.

Happy Halloween!


Anonymous said...

Hey, Rodney. I enjoy reading your blog. It is a relief to get good weather info from an experienced meteorologist. Keep up the good work.

weather_meister said...

I am a big weather geek (hence the name...). Stats are quite cool to see. They tell us the extremes of our world: temperature, rainfall, wind speed, etc. etc. I especially love it on the KWCH weather broadcast where you have the record temps on the screen. It just strikes me as, 'Wow! to think that today in 1976 the record low was -26 degrees!' Of course that was just an example, but you get the idea...

Jon said...

Hey Rodney;

Its Jon, I met you in OKC in 2006 in March at the Severe weather seminar! You were gracious enough to let my friend Bryce and I come into KWCH and look at the new set and weathercenter a year ago and it was a blast seeing everything! I hope all is well for you!!

Rodney Price said...


Nice to hear from you and Bryce! I hope things are going well in Manhattan.