Wednesday, October 17, 2007

This afternoon...

I'm watching very closely the area out to the west of Pratt and Medicine Lodge where clear skies are found and the area is heating up. Dodge City is already in the mid-70s but their wind is southwesterly. The dryline (a boundary separating moist air to the east from very dry air west) is located just east of Dodge. This dryline would be an ideal area for storms to develop. In fact, the Storm Prediction Center in Norman, OK is watching this area closely too.

The cold rain in Wichita not only is putting a damper on the day but may very well keep us from getting the worst of the severe weather.

Wow...I'm growing increasingly concerned about western Oklahoma. Yeah, that's out of our viewing area. They are clearing out, there is plenty of moisture...they could have a very busy day down there this afternoon/evening.

Some of our chasers are already out.

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Jon said...

Hope it doesn't become too sever of weather.