Monday, November 12, 2007

"Consistently inconsistent"

That's the quote of the day from Mark Larson. In a nutshell, it perfectly describes the weather as of late. We hit 77 degrees yesterday and so far today we have gotten as high as 64 degrees (likely the day's high as temperatures will hold steady or slightly fall this afternoon). If you take a look at our forecast, tomorrow looks mild again (70s) then much cooler Wednesday (50s) before it warms up again at the close of the work week. Call it what you like: a roller coaster ride, see-saw weather, up and down pattern, Mother Nature's wild mood swings (should I keep going?) ...the weather recently is anything but boring!

I hope you enjoy the ride the next few days!, Rodney

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weather_meister said...

Well, that's weather for ya! Don't you just love how it is "consistently inconsistent" or "predictably unpredictable" (hardy har har...)? I rather enjoy the "roller coaster" of the weather. It keeps life interesting and full of random excitement goodness! But I don't know...roller coasters always make you feel nauseous afterwards…should I wear a jacket today or not…what? So I think it’s time for some warm weather! Everyone, let’s move to Hawaii! Well, okay…I admit…do not have money for that…guess I’ll just have to live in a little cubicle with a space heater at my side…four space heaters…one for each corner…and I will live a happy, peaceful, normal (kinda losing that quality now, aren’t I…?), warm life! …Just take me to the funny farm now…