Saturday, November 10, 2007

Missing the "Saving"

Am I the only one or do you miss Daylight Saving Time? It's kind of depressing when the sun sets before 5:30pm now. I really love summer when you still have light left after 9pm. If I could combine the long daylight with less mosquitoes and humidity then I'd really be happy.

Oh well, at least this weekend's weather looks great! The winds will shift to the south today and usher in more warm, moist air to central and eastern Kansas. It's the increasing moisture that's leading to the mostly cloudy skies we'll have today through Monday.

Because of the clouds, I think the record high for today and tomorrow will be safe. Today's record is 77 set back in 1927 and tomorrow is 80 set in 1989. We are forecasting 69 degrees today and 75 degrees tomorrow. Interestingly enough, we may challenge another record: the warmest low temperature! I know it sounds strange but there are records kept by the National Weather Service for not only record highs and lows but also for "record warmest low" and "record coldest high." We keep stats...we're funny that way. The record warmest low for tomorrow morning is 59 set in 1980. We have 56 forecast right now.

Enjoy your weekend! And to all Veterans out there: Thank you!

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weather_meister said...

I am kinda mixed on this...I do miss Daylight Savings because it got darker later, but it got kinda annoying sometimes when I was trying to sleep and it was still bright outside. On the other hand, I don't miss it because the sun is up when I wake up instead of it being dark and it is darker when it is sleepy time. Just blame Ben Franklin...he thought of the idea...