Sunday, December 30, 2007

Back in the Saddle Again

I hope you had a wonderful holiday! I returned to work yesterday after enjoying my first Christmas off since 2004. My family and I spent part of Christmas here in town with my wife's side of the family then we ventured up the turnpike to see my side near Topeka. A good time was had by all!

My daughter is almost 4 and she was definitely more involved in Christmas this year. She really tore into the nice presents that Santa left her. Santa really enjoyed the milk and banana bread she left him too. (We thought he'd want a break from all of the other cookies he would eat that night!)

One of the fun activities during the break was introducing my daughter to sledding...well, perhaps the "redneck version" of sledding. My brother pulled us with his four-wheeler and our "sled" was an old car hood flipped over! At one point myself, my Dad, my niece and my daughter were all on the sled, er hood, flying around my brother's front yard. At first, my little one didn't want anything to do with sledding ("I don't want to go fast Daddy!") but then once she got into it, she didn't want it to end. But her cold hands and red cheeks begged otherwise.

What did Santa leave you? One of my favorite gifts came from my father in-law. He bought me the entire "Friends" series on DVD. We watched a couple episodes the other night and had a good laugh, especially at the bloopers they included with the set.

If you have more days off on your Christmas break, enjoy! Have a Happy New Year and I'll talk to you again in 2008!

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jon said...

the best gift i got was a John Wayne coffee bug and a ku sweater.