Sunday, December 9, 2007

This could hurt a little

Since Thursday, Storm Team 12 has been busy with winter weather. Well, it appears Mother Nature is saving her worst for last.

As we've talked about the last couple of days, all of our weather guidance points to a significant ice event over a large part of Kansas Monday night into Tuesday.

The graphic below is a moisture forecast for the time period between 6am Monday through 6am Tuesday. (click to expand it)

This graphic (courtesy of the NWS' Hydrometeorological Center) forecasts a bullseye of nearly 1.75" to the northeast of Wichita, with about 1.50" for the city itself. Even if this forecast is off by half, that's still over 0.75" of liquid...falling into sub-freezing air....yes, freezing rain. 3/4" of ice would be a significant amount. The January 2005 ice storm brought 1/2" to 1" of ice over southcentral Kansas.

Scarier yet: the next panel (not shown, going from 6am Tuesday to 6am Wednesday) depicts another 0.75" to 1" of rain around Wichita.

I've already been asked if this one will be as bad as 2005. Time will only tell but suffice to say, please continue to monitor our forecast on the air and on-line for the very latest.

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Ozzman said...

Its midnight here in Chapman, KS in Dickinson County, power was out from 9:30pm to 11:30pm. Many tree limbs down. Pouring down rain and lighting and thunder. At lest 1/2 in ice on trees and cars. Water running in the gutters in street. Checking my trees in back yard that are hanging on the power lines.:(