Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Predictions for January 2008

Happy New Year! Thanks to the early arrival today, I didn't stay up for last night's count down but someone in the neighborhood decided loud, booming fireworks was the way to bring in 2008! I woke up for that and faintly heard the countdown on TV an hour later for the Mountain time zone. In any event with my schedule the way it was for New Year's, it's the only time that I can say I slept for part of 2 years!!

All kidding aside, it's going to be rather cold today, tonight and tomorrow. A big chunk of cold air is pouring down out of Canada and the Northern Plains. At one point this morning, Regina Saskatchewan was at -17 degrees below zero! It won't be that cold here but single digits will greet you back to work tomorrow morning. After that, all of our computer guidance is in agreement on a huge warm up! 40s will return Thursday and 50s from Friday to Monday.

What about the rest of the month? The 30 day outlooks from the Climate Prediction Center say much above normal temperatures for Kansas this month with equal chances of either below normal, normal or above normal precipitation. Here's the link.

If you have the day off, enjoy! I'll see you again Friday. Go Jayhawks!

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Anonymous said...

PLEASE let us see the 50's by the end of the week! After the month of December, I think everyone is ready for a break in this cold weather! Happy New Year!