Friday, February 1, 2008

Snowfall wrap

I've mentioned in past posts how much I like statistics. Well, here's some more numbers for you to munch on, concerning Thursday's snowfall in Wichita and how the winter season has stacked up thus far.

4.0": the official snow measurement at Wichita's Mid-Continent airport

18.1": Total now for this winter season (average is 16.7" for Wichita).

While I'll agree that's a lot of snow, it still doesn't crack the top ten for snowiest winters in Wichita. The most snow Wichita received in one winter was the winter of 1911-1912 when 39.7" fell. The 10th snowiest winter was 28.2" in the winter of 1912-1913. So, we've got a little way to go before even thinking about the Top Ten list.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the stats Rodney! I know I am definately done with snow and ready for some spring-like weather!

Anonymous said...

Funny to know that many areas of New England average 60" of snow a winter. So its not that bad here.. I just fear the ice storms we can get sometimes. Rodney, I hope you think we are done with those this winter!