Sunday, February 3, 2008

That Phony Punxsutawney Phil

So...the Groundhog "saw" his shadow and says there's 6 more weeks of winter. Have a look for yourself:

That would be extensive clouds covering much of Pennsylvania Saturday morning.

Surface observations across the western part of the state also report overcast skies. (the filled-in blue circles)

Unless there was some magical clearing over a very small area in western PA yesterday morning, I have a hard time believing the Groundhog saw his shadow from the sun. Perhaps a shadow from all of the camera lights and bulbs maybe...

Honestly, I really didn't pay that much attention yesterday morning to the happenings in Punxsutawney , PA as I was busily preparing your forecast. Rich Alexander from our weather partners at KSAL in Salina, put it best yesterday morning when he started my weather segment saying "they pulled that rat out of a hole...". I smell a rat indeed.

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Jonathan said...

I find that interesting, sounds like you are on to something