Monday, March 10, 2008

Report from Sooner Land

I hope you enjoyed the pleasant weather yesterday! I know my family enjoyed spending a lot of time outdoors.

I spent last Thursday, Friday and most of Saturday in Norman at the National Severe Weather Workshop. This workshop is a gathering of meteorologists, emergency managers, media, storm chasers and other folks with an interest in the weather. This is my third year in a row in going to the workshop and once again they presented a lot of great information. In addition, I got to catch up with some old college friends and weather colleagues.

Here's a couple of pictures of my trip. The first one is the National Weather Center on the OU Campus, where the talks on Saturday were held. The second picture is the last speaker of the Saturday morning session, Dr. Chuck Doswell.

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Bryce said...

I was going to make the trip down to Norman, but I figured working on my house on a beautiful weekend was more crucial. I would have enjoyed hearing from Doswell though, since I've heard both sides of the controversy!