Monday, April 7, 2008

A few hours until gametime!

My stomach is starting to turn. Maybe it's because I haven't had lunch yet. A better explanation is that we're just hours away from the big game: KU vs. Memphis. KU's ride has been tremendous the last few weeks! I was very fortunate enough to see the opening round game in person in Omaha but how cool would it be to have tickets for tonight's matchup? It should be an exciting one and in the end, as long as KU has one more point than Memphis, I will be one happy camper!

I'm sure our dog Daisy will be happy to see the end of the basketball season. I get a little worked up during KU games. Always have...always will. Heck, last month I was watching ESPN Classic and they had the 1988 KU vs. OU National championship game. Immediately upon hearing the TV, Daisy sat down beside my chair, ears glued to her head and just starred into the other room. I told her "Daisy, it's OK...I know how this one turns out!!" It didn't help.

My wife doesn't understand how a grown man can get so loud and overworked during a basketball game. No apologies...I bleed Crimson and Blue and tonight Daisy will be my wife's best friend for 2 hours. GO HAWKS!!

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