Thursday, April 24, 2008

Round 2 later today

The sky continues overcast here in Wichita late this morning as yet another day of severe weather is anticipated across Kansas. Yesterday we had widespread activity pretty much all day. Today it's a different story. There are a few storms east of Wichita right now but the main episode is expected to unfold in the late afternoon and evening west of us. If you're reading this from Hays and Russell, you should expect watches and warnings this afternoon. If you are farther south, say Dodge City and Pratt, the activity may be a bit more isolated late today and this evening.

Storm Team 12 Chasers are on alert!! While this is supposed to be one of my days off (I'm actually writing this from home!) you can expect me in the office later this afternoon as the chasers head out!

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Anonymous said...

Hurray Hays is exactly my location...hopefully it doesn't get to bad!!