Sunday, July 20, 2008

Neat sight in the sky this morning

I took a little break from my forecast early this morning as I ventured outside to see the International Space Station fly over! A web site I check out often,, had mentioned that the station would be visible twice today over North America.

Just after 5am, I stepped out the west door here at the station, got past the trees in our parking lot and scanned the western sky. I quickly found it...right where the web site said it would be. It looked like a large, bright star but with an average speed of just over 17,000 mph, it didn't stay in sight very long! Soon it passed behind some clouds that were in the southern sky and just like that the show was over.

I'm curious if anyone else watched it this morning and/or took some pictures. I'm going to try to take some long-exposure shots tonight when it makes it's second visible pass of the day. (It makes a complete orbit around the Earth approximately every 91 minutes.) The ISS will rise over Wichita at 9:31pm...look west-southwest. By 9:34pm, it will reach it's highest and brightest point at 78 degrees above the horizon. The weather should be perfect as mostly clear to clear skies are forecast.

Happy stargazing!

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Randy said...

I saw it fri morning and my co-worker say it this morning. I was lucky fri. morning as the clouds broke apart just about the time it flew over. It is amazing how fast it travels across the horizon. Randy