Friday, October 24, 2008

Stop the Chant

I have to be honest: I haven't been to a KU home football game since 2003. Working early morning weekends nixes that opportunity for me. So up until a few weeks ago, I wasn't even aware of the vulgar chant KU students were using during kickoffs.

I'm a proud KU graduate and admit my language, even to this day, gets a little colorful during KU sporting events (just ask my wife). When I was on the Hill, if a call didn't go our way, we'd typically let loose with the chant that starts with "bull". Coach Roy Williams was pretty good at stopping that. With one stern look up to the student section, he'd wave his hands and shake his head in disapproval. The students listened and the chant would immediately stop.

So how much Coach Mangino doesn't get the same respect? He and his staff and players have steadily built a winning tradition on the Hill. Before the last home game, a pre-recorded plea aired, asking students to stop the chant. And yet it continued.

KU fans...we can do much better than this! C'mon, we invented the Rock Chalk Chant! Remember? Teddy Roosevelt called it the best college chant he'd ever heard.

We're steeped in tradition and winning. We just came off an Orange Bowl championship in January and the National Championship in San Antonio in April. Let's come up with something that's classy, more respectful, more traditional and certainly something that all ages can participate in and hear. If I take my daughter to a game, I want her to remember the fun atmosphere, not a line from an Adam Sandler movie.

We're not in Missouri...this is KANSAS.

Rock Chalk Jayhawk!


Anonymous said...

I too am a KU alumni and completely agree with you. I have been in the stands when this chant has been said, and honestly it took me awhile to figure out what was being said.
I think a new chant would further display our high-class as jayhawks!

Anonymous said...

Easy on the Missouri comments. What was the score of the border war last year?

Rodney Price said...

Anon 4:55: Sad outcome in KC last year but those Oranges sure tasted good. You and I do agree on one thing: it is a "Border War" and not a force-fed, PC-driven "Border Showdown."