Monday, February 9, 2009

Feels More Like March

The wind has been rattling the roof here at the station for most of the morning and now the afternoon. Temperatures have reached the 60s...what another nice March day. Oh wait, it's still bad. Call it calendar confusion.

It's had a March-like feel too with the severe showers that pushed through today, bringing 70 mph winds to the Emporia area and near 60 in the Manhattan area. I say "severe showers" because not once did Mark and I see any lightning depicted on the radar display. Not one bolt. But the Topeka NWS office did the right thing and issued the severe thunderstorm warnings this morning.

This energetic pattern will continue this week with yet another storm system pushing in our direction by Tuesday night. It's over southern Nevada as I type this...and there's even a severe thunderstorm warning in Arizona. We'll likely see some strong, if not severe storms in southeast Kansas tomorrow night (better chances of severe in Oklahoma).

Another system will arrive by Friday. This could bring some rain and snow.

Stay tuned!

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Anonymous said...

Wow with the change in the web site these blogs are a little hard to find!!!!