Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Weekend blur

Wow...an incredible weekend of weather! On Saturday, Storm Team 12 Chasers Lance Ferguson and Scott Roberts pursued a supercell storm with a wall cloud near Lambert, OK. In the meantime, Eric Lynn was on another storm that developed in Sumner County. It produced wall clouds near Oxford then north of Winfield. Eric was still on the storm when a tornado touched down east of Douglas in Butler County. All three streamed back live video to the station, allowing us enhanced coverage from the field.

Mother Nature wasn't done Sunday either, as the Storm Prediction Center upgraded parts of southwest and southcentral Kansas to a High risk of severe weather, including a "particularly dangerous situation (or PDS) Tornado Watch. The first of Sunday's storms moved through with the sirens going off in Wichita thanks to a storm in the northeast part of the county. Lance got video of a funnel north of Rose Hill, dashed back (at the posted highway speeds!) to the station to drop it off and then headed out again. Later, both he and Scott streamed back live video of the storm that produced the tornado in western Sedgwick County. Scott was first on the scene, streaming back video of the house damage near Lake Afton. As he did that, he assisted at the scene, shutting off a propane tank. The home owner was very grateful for that. Click here for our Severe Weather Coverage page where you can find Lance's video of the tornado.

Meanwhile, chasers Mikey Gribble and Tony Laubach ventured down to the Sooner state. Tony caught an amazing tornado north of Roll, OK. Click here for his blog with the pictures.

The storms then Sunday night transitioned to a heavy rain and flooding event, with many places in town reported 6-plus inches of rain (including my house in east Wichita).

Glad things have quieted down...for now.


Anonymous said...

Hi Rodney,

Great coverage on Sunday, Do you coordinate the chasers or something along with doing weather? I wish your site pointed out the blog easier, I liked alot of the information you had written

Rodney Price said...

Thanks for the kind comments. Yes, I'm the Storm Coordinator here at KWCH, so in addition to my on-air duties, I also help direct our chasers in the field.

The main blog link is now on our main weather page, underneath the big forecast graphics. I hope this new location helps!