Saturday, June 6, 2009

KWCH Storm Chasers hit Wyoming!!

Congratulations to KWCH Storm Chasers Brandon Ivey and Tony Laubach who both intercepted an amazing storm in southeastern Wyoming last night! It produced a large and long-lived tornado near Meridan, WY. At one point in the chase, the tornado passed within 50 yards of Brandon's chase vehicle!!

Brandon's web page
Tony's blog

More storms are on the way today and tomorrow. As always, Storm Team 12 is on alert for the threat.


Anonymous said...

Dear Rodney
I have some suggestions for 12-2. I think it would nice to show things other than the radar, forecast, and conditions. I think you should a loop pf the future track, even without a weatherman to explain it, the 7 day planner, the next days forecast and the travel forecast. I think that would be nice instead of showing the radar 3/4 of the time, you do not have to do this, it is only a suggestion. Thanks!

Rodney Price said...


That's how we used to do it actually! In March, we upgraded to our exclusive HD weather system (a different weather provider from the old system that 12.2 runs on). The new HD products can not be run on the old, standard defintion system. So, we had to take out the products that were being updated on the old system (FutureTrack, Travel forecast, etc). We are working on a new system for 12.2 that will incorporate our new look. There is no time table for the debut though.