Sunday, June 21, 2009

Pop Quiz!

I grabbed a snapshot this morning from the National Weather Service Doppler radar based in Dodge City. It shows five features of interest . Can you tell me what each of them are? The first person to do so by Monday at Noon will get a big congratulations from yours truly. takers? OK, the first person to answer the question correctly gets an autographed photo and a Storm Team 12 pencil. Deadline: Wednesday @ Noon.


ToshniZ. said...

The rain in stevens and seward county!

Rodney Price said...

Wow...either my enticement was not strong enough or hardly anybody reads the blog!!

The rain was just one item out of five:

2) Ground clutter around the radar site (circular gray echoes).
3) The wind farm at Spearville (little green blob northeast of Dodge City)
4) The wind farm near Montezuma (southwest of Dodge in Gray County)
5) The line from the radar and pointing northeast: the sunrise! What made this day significant was this was the sunrise on the first day of summer.

We'll try this again later and see if we have any takers.

Anonymous said...

Sorry i did not get on early enough to see it on here, i knew that.