Sunday, July 19, 2009

Record Lows this Morning

I hope you had a chance to open up the windows this morning and enjoy the cool start to the day! Numerous cities here in Kansas set new record lows or tied records. Here's a quick summary:

Wichita- Low: 61 (tied- 1947)
Concordia- Low: 55 (old: 56 in 1947)
Topeka- Low: 57 (tied- 1947, 1971)
Hill City - Low: 55 (old: 56 in 1960)*
Chanute- Low: 53 (old: 55 in 1947)
Russell- Low: 56 (old: 57 in 1960)

* NWS disclaimer: the low temperature is unofficial until the official stats are compiled at the end of the month.

Look for temperatures to warm slightly today and tomorrow with a chance of rain from late tonight and through Tuesday morning.

Monday, July 13, 2009

A hail of a storm

My family and I were running errands last Wednesday evening, an off-day for me. On the way to our last stop, I noted the clouds around the Wichita area. As I looked at them, I thought to myself, "Hmmm...maybe some overnight storms?"

As I walked out of the store a about a half-hour later, it took a split second to realize that chance would be much, much sooner. The above picture was taken with my cell phone at 8:51pm, looking NW from east Wichita. The storm was intensifying and warnings hadn't been issued yet, nor any hail was falling. Yet.

On the way home, the first warning was issued and the reports of extremely large hail came in shortly thereafter as the devasting hail storm hit Wichita.

Thanks to all of our viewers who sent in Storm Shots. I especially appreciate the extra efforts by some to place a reference marker within some of the photos (i.e. a ruler, quarter, golfball, etc). When someone takes a picture of hail in their hand or in their yard, it's impossible to verify how large the ice is. It's much easier to determine how big the hail stones are when you have something to compare it to.
Kristal, who lives east of Rose Hill, sent in a great example (second photo, above). She commented: "I found it in my yard awhile after the hail storm so I don't know how much melted."