Friday, July 8, 2011

How many 100 degree days?

Mark Matney from Tree Top Nursery was here for our Noon broadcast today. Just before the show, he asked me a couple of questions. "How many 100 degree days Wichita has had this year and what is our average?" he asked.

The answer-through July 8th: 16 days at or above 100 degrees. (May: 1; June: 11; July: 4).

Wichita typically averages 10.5 days/year of 100 degree heat.

And while Mark didn't ask, you're probably wondering what Wichita's record is for 100 degree days in a year. That would be the simply awful summer of 1936, when 50 100 degree days were recorded. In second place is the summer of 1980 with 46.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the information. I searched the internet for 25 minutes before I found your blog!

Anonymous said...

I also thank you for the information about 1936. Also, where can I go to find out how much rain each city in Kansas has had over the past year. I keep getting directed to the annual average which I already know we are not even close to reaching.

Rodney Price said...

Go to:, look for the Climate section. Substitute dodgecity, goodland, or topeka for the rest of the state National Weather Service offices.

Anonymous said...

How many 100 degree days for june 2012 vs june 2013. Also, the amount of rain