Thursday, May 2, 2013

All the (weather) stats that are fit to blog

I tend to take a lot of notes, especially when dealing with either 1) weather stats - and potential uses in graphics later for our shows- or 2) stuff I don't want to forget!

Obviously the snow and cold are the big weather headlines (heck the Royals game in KC was snowed out this afternoon!)  We had a trace of snow in Wichita but it's not a record.  In 1907, Wichita had a trace of snow on May 3.

Now we're on alert for freezing conditions tonight over the state.  In Wichita, we're forecasting a low of 30 degrees.  If it happens though, it wouldn't be a record.  Our latest Spring frost (defined as dropping to 32 degrees or colder) occurred on May 13, 1966.  Our latest Spring freeze (defined as dropping to 28 degrees or colder) was May 4, 1907.

Now let's hope that Old Man Winter packs his bags for good after tomorrow morning!

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