Friday, June 28, 2013

Calm after Thursday night's storm

It's not every day you get 89 mph straight-line winds go through your community.  Last night's storms are now behind us and and so is the intense heat and humidity.  I hope you enjoy the weekend.

An anonymous comment was left yesterday on a blog post I made in July 2011.  Instead of answering it there, where it is buried in my blog, I thought I'd answer it here where the person asking the question (and others) would benefit greater.

The person wrote: "How many 100 degree days for June 2012 vs June 2013. Also, the amount of rain"

Well, I'm assuming we're talking about Wichita.  In June 2012, we had seven 100 degree days.  This June, the total will end up at 3.  As far as moisture is concerned, we've had 1.83" officially at Mid-Continent Airport, compared to 2.55" in June 2012.  Last June however, all of that fell before the 21st, then we had no measurable rain until July 10th.  By the way, July 2012 only had 0.26" of moisture.  That'll happen when you have 21 out of 31 days with triple digit heat!

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