Friday, June 21, 2013

Heat burst in Norton this morning

Some dying thunderstorms in northern Kansas this morning created a heat burst.  This rare weather event takes place when a decaying storm has some dry air underneath its elevated storm base.  As the storm weakens and the air within the storm starts to sink, it can accelerate toward the ground.  Any leftover rain evaporates and the air warms rapidly due to compression.  Check out the weather observations in Norton this morning just after 1 a.m.

This is minute by minute weather data, with the more recent data at the top.  At 1 a.m., the temperature was 84 degrees, with a dewpoint of 64.  In just 12 minutes, it had warmed to 92 and the dewpoint plummeted to 42, with wind gusts to 45 mph!  Impressive indeed!

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