Thursday, August 1, 2013

Drought comparison: 4 months ago

We received the latest drought monitor today for Kansas and for many, the improvements continue!  This is a comparison from early April to late July.  Unfortunately, D4 conditions have expanded in western Kansas while in the east, just over 12% of the state is now reporting no drought!  In regards to Sedgwick County, we've gone from D3 to now D0/D1 since April 2.

There has been a substantial improvement at Cheney Lake too!  It was at its lowest point on February 9 of this year when the lake level was at 1413.66 feet.  This morning, it's at 1417.27 feet (or 74.94% full).   Here's how the lake level rise looks graphically on the first day of the month since March:

There's still some room to go (or grow!) but it's a much more positive step than the past couple of summers.

While looking up the data for this report, I found these trends in the lake levels the last three years.  It's not a complete apples to apples comparison but it's close.

Change between 6/1/11 - 9/1/11: -2.86 feet

Change between 6/1/12 - 9/1/12: -3.13 feet

Change between 5/1/13 - 8/1/13: +2.71 feet

Let's hope our upward trends continue the rest of the Summer and Fall!

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