Thursday, January 16, 2014

Dust and the Wind

What a wild wind we had today around the viewing area!  Those 50-65 mph wind gusts kicked up considerable amounts of dirt and dust in the air and created areas of low visibility.  Extreme fire danger has been a concern too thanks to dry vegetation and the ongoing drought.

On the flip side of things, the wind has created some interesting pictures, like this one sent to us from Kimberly Sorensen from south of Garden City.  I would not like the task of moving those tumble weeds to reach the shed door!

I often kid on these days when we have that classic south wind that you "might see a piece of Oklahoma fly by."  Well, today we had pieces of Nebraska and Colorado "flying by" here in Kansas.  Check out the visible satellite picture from earlier today:

Look at all of the dust (labeled) streaming NW to SE from portions of Colorado and Nebraska.  The good news is the dust will evening settle down this evening as the winds finally back down.

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