Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Severe weather threat today

We're looking at a threat of severe weather across the eastern part of the KWCH viewing area today.  Here are a few graphics to check out:

A county map of our viewing area.  You can see that Wichita is firmly in the Slight risk area.

 As we break down the threats, you can see the chance of isolated tornadoes will be especially from Wichita down to the south.  This threat will be tied to the position of a warm front that is south of Wichita at this time.  Wichita is circled in red.
 Hail threat.  The biggest concern for today. Wichita again circled in red.
Wind threat.

Please keep a close eye on the weather conditions this afternoon.  If you haven't downloaded the Storm Team 12 weather app, now would be a great time to do this.  You can also sign up for Text Me 12.  We'll be live on Always On Storm Team 12 as well with full coverage on KWCH and KSCW too.  Stay tuned!

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