Thursday, May 29, 2014

Tornado stats for 2014

Typically, Kansas' busiest month for tornadoes is May (top graphic).  The 20-year average is 38. (courtesy: U.S. tornadoes). Last May, Kansas experienced 45 tornadoes. There were 56 for the entire year of 2013. This May, the preliminary number of tornado reports is just 10.

The U.S. total is down too, with just 430 reports so far in 2014.  Over the last 10 years, we typically would be at 762 by this point of the year. (middle graphic - data courtesy: Storm Prediction Center)

Did you know that Sedgwick county has not been in a tornado watch so far this year?  In an average year, the county would face around 9 tornado watches.  In addition, the Topeka branch of the National Weather Service has issued 0 tornado warnings this year for its area of responsibility, which covers north central, northeast and east central Kansas.  The Wichita NWS has issued 4 tornado warnings, all on May 11th. (bottom graphic - data courtesy of Iowa State University of Science and Technology)

Yes, it's been a quiet year thus far in Kansas but we know all too well how quickly things can change.

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