Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Nice the rest of this week; stormy next week?

I hope you're enjoying this gorgeous weather!  Yes, a little more rain would be nice but I sure can't complain about 70 degree temperatures to close out the month of April! 

While it's quiet now, it appears our weather pattern may become a little more unsettled next week.  The graphic I've included above shows one computer model forecast (among several) that we use here in the storm center.  This particular forecast is for Wednesday evening at 7 p.m.  The map on the left displays the storm systems in the mid-levels of the sky (~18,000 ft) and it shows a rather large weather system emerging from the Rockies and into western Kansas.  The map on the right displays a forecast of deep area of low pressure in northeast Colorado, with strong southerly winds bringing up moisture (not shown) into Kansas. 

At this point, I certainly wouldn't take this single model forecast as the final say.  I mean, we are a full week out from the forecast valid time.  The timing, placement and the intensity of these weather systems can differ from computer model to computer model.  There can also be changes in the model forecast generated in one part of the day compared to another.

Of course, we'll continue to watch this forecast very carefully over the next several days.  Check back in with us as the forecast becomes more clear.