Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Not one of my finer moments

For those of you who watched today's Noon show and wandered what that thing was on my left hand, read on...

My wife and I, along with my brother, his wife, her brother and sister in-law made our annual trip to Kansas City last Friday for Qualifying Day at the Kansas Speedway. It's something we've done every year since 2003. Afterwards, we hopped over to Cabela's by the track to check out one of Dale Jr.'s cars which was on display in front of the store. Right by his car was a tire changing exhibit. Anyone could come up and take a stab at it: change a single tire as fast as you could....sounds simple enough, right?

All was going OK (although admittedly slow) on my first and only attempt. I had trouble getting one of the lug nuts off, then I had trouble centering the replacement tire. I couldn't see well with my hat in my eyes, so I knocked it out of the way. Finally I got all of the bolts through and tightened the lug nuts.

From there, it was kind of a downward-spiraling blur. As I pulled away from the tire, I released my grip on the air wrench. Unfortunately, I forgot about this thing called gravity. The heavy wrench landed on the end of my left, middle finger: Wrench 1, Your's Truly 0. The finger was smashed, chipping the bone at the tip of my finger and splitting the skin. In 35 seconds, my NASCAR tire-changing career was over.

Thanks to the fine staff at the Stormont-Vail ER in Topeka. After 3 x-rays, 3 stitches and some blood draining from underneath my fingernail I was back on the mend. I'll be wearing the stint until Friday when I get my stitches out.

Despite the injury, my brother and I ventured back up to the Speedway Saturday for the Nationwide series race. (No, I wasn't looking to better my time.) After all of these years, I finally got to see one of the races. Needless to say, I'll be going back soon!

Do we have any other NASCAR fans who read this blog? Did you make it up to KC this weekend too? Please share your (hopefully less painful) story here!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Storms then more summer like

Some widely scattered storms are greeting parts of western Kansas this morning. This development is thanks to a weak cold front that will venture into central Kansas today before stalling out. Along the front, a few more showers and storms can be expected this afternoon. One or two of them may get strong but no widespread severe weather is anticipated.

The warm, summer-like weather will continue the rest of this week with highs in the 80s. It's not Fall but I can't change it. I'm just in PR not management!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Summer's almost over

In another reminder that the days are getting shorter, Fall begins Monday morning at 10:44am CT.

The weather forecast looks great! No mention of rain and warm readings in the low to mid 80s, so no complaints!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Downright Delightful!

Ayna and I were talking yesterday afternoon about our on-air performance, as we're always looking for ways to improve our delivery. We talked about "crutch words" or those words we lean on and use often.

My crutch word this morning was "downright delightful." I lost track on how many times I said it on the show but I've said it twice already in this blog posting! Hard to argue with though...another (I'm not going to say it) "dandy" afternoon. I hope you have a chance to spend it outdoors! My little one has a soccer game in a few hours so I know I'll get my dose of Vitamin-D for the day.

Enjoy it!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Skywatcher's delight!

Now that the clouds and rain are long gone, it's been great to watch the sky the past couple of days. Sunday morning, I took a brief break from forecasting to watch the International Space Station streak across the southwestern sky. Then that night as my family drove back from the State Fair, we watched the Harvest Moon rise, much to my daughter's delight. The Harvest Moon? From Spaceweather.com: "It's the full moon closest to the northern autumnal equinox. In years past, farmers depended on the light of the Harvest Moon to gather ripening crops late into the night."

Also on the way home, we watched the vibrant colors of post-sunset. Back in August, Alaska's Kasatochi volcano erupted and the ash cloud has created some great sunsets. I took some pictures but I don't have those with me this morning as I'm writing this.

Last night, Anita M. here in Wichita took this great shot of the Harvest Moon. Thanks Anita!

The weather forecast looks favorable for more stargazing the next several nights. (Link courtesy of Sky and Telescope.com.)

By Friday, the International Space Station will be visible again, right through the weekend.

Enjoy the view!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Floatin' away

It's been a historic rain for Wichita today. We are now officially up to 8.27" of rain on this Friday (with more falling as I type). This is the most ever in a 24 hour period. (the old record was 7.99").

We had an 8.9" report from near 119th and Central. It goes without saying that flooding along Cowskin Creek is a major concern as it continues to rise this afternoon and overnight. There will also be flooding concerns in El Dorado and Winfield, just to name a couple of places.

If you encounter water over the roadway: turn around, don't drown!

Please keep your TV tuned to KWCH for the very latest.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Near the Eye of the Storm

KWCH Storm Chaser Brandon Ivey made the trip to Houma, Louisiana to catch up with Hurricane Gustav, which just came ashore in the last hour. He has a live video feed you might find interesting! They are just about to get hit by the eyewall of the storm.

Stay safe Brandon!