Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Out like a Lion

It was a treat watching the weather unfold from my backyard yesterday afternoon. Even more interesting was that just 2 days before, my daughter and I were in the backyard, with our winter coats on, making a snowman. Yesterday, she had on shorts! To top it all off, the weather radio went off late in the day for a severe thunderstorm watch. We had some reports of pea-sized hail on the northeast side but there was nothing severe here in Kansas.

That's all over now and either there's a lion on the roof roaring or that's the wind. Our Twitter account isn't buzzing with reports of a lion on the loose here in town, so I'll say the latter. At 2pm, Wichita has a west-northwest wind, gusting to 38 mph. It seems like the breeze really never goes away during the Spring, huh?

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Let the melting begin

Time has really gotten away from me over the last month and a half. In that time, I've filled in on the evening shows, trained on then debuted a new HD graphics system and dealt with a couple of rounds of severe weather. Of course, yesterday's historic snow storm is fresh in my mind, along with the thick coating of ice from Wichita on east.

While the complete shutdown of many roadways was unfortunate obviously and you never like to see widespread power outages either, I did receive a few emails from happy ranchers and farmers, tickled pink at the much needed moisture. As the thaw kicks in over the next few days, expect this moisture to soak in.

Here's a look at the snow from outer space. Have a good week!