Sunday, October 18, 2009

KWCH Storm Chasers on Discovery Channel Tonight

I'm pretty pumped up for our storm chasers Brandon Ivey and Tony Laubach. Tonight on the Discovery Channel, season three of "Storm Chasers" begins (9 p.m. CDT). You'll remember back in April, I told you they would take part in the show this season. It will be exciting to see the work they put in, even as they withstood a 2-week quiet stretch of weather. In the end though, Brandon, Tony and the rest of the crew will get the storm. See the pursuit tonight!

Since I'm working for Mark most of this week, I'll be in REM state when tonight's episode airs. The trusty DVR though will allow me to play catch up once I'm off of work Monday afternoon.

Look for a nice start to the work week!