Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Typical July weather in Kansas

It looks like we're going to end July 2010 with 4 days of 100 degree weather. That's pretty much on average for the month (4.4 days typically). It's the most 100 degree days we've had here in Wichita since 2006, when there were 8 days that July. It still doesn't come close to July 2001, when we had 17 days of 100 or better. Not that I'm complaining, mind you.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Fourth of July Weather Stats

Happy Fourth of July! My wife commented yesterday that this year's holiday must be one of the coolest ones we would have. Of course, I had to look it up this morning. As recently as 1997, the high on the Fourth was only 78!! Turns out though that's not close to the record. You have to go back a ways but in 1915, Wichita only reached 72! So far today we've been as warm as 76 (with a forecast of 81).

As I dug through the stats, what I found really interesting is that in the last 7 Independence Days, we've had rain in 6 of those years:

2010: 0.11" (and counting)
2009: 0.40"
2008: None
2007: 0.94"
2006: Trace
2005: 0.20"
2004: 1.98"

The wettest Fourth of July in Wichita? 1958 when 2.83" of rain fell.

Stats courtesy of the Wichita National Weather Service.